Blue Don

I'll never forget the first time I heard Donovan Frankenreiter. It was circa 2004ish, before smartphones were smart and when CDs were still considered great Christmas gifts. I sure thought they were. My cousin burned (when you copy your music onto another blank CD) a copy of a new "underground singer" whom he thought was the cat's bananas. "Psht, what kind of name is Frankenreiter?" I thought. "Just listen to it," my cousin said.

I popped it in my old CD player (that big bulky thing that holds and plays just ONE CD at a time) and listened to it for hours. I was captivated. His whispery soft voice was calm and beautiful. It's as if there were no cares in the world when you heard him sing. It was truly magical.

Naturally, even though my cousin told me "not to let anyone else listen to him," I immediately burned a bunch of CDs and gave them out as Christmas gifts to my friends. When iPods became the new trend, I quickly burned all his songs to my pink nano and listened to him sing my cares away.

Never thought it'd take me 13 years before I'd get to see him in concert. But lucky me, I got to see him live at Outrigger Waikiki Reef Resort's Blue Note Hawaii. And as my college friends and I were surrounded by the blue light ambiance, it's as if we were taken back in time to those apartment crashing days at Chapman University, when a friend's residence was just a hop and a skip away. When we would take a study break and stuff ourselves into any moving vehicle to Disneyland. When there was such a thing as midnight breakfast or the annual undie run and no one would judge you ... unless you partook in the undie run. Life was, and still is, good. As long as Don is singing to us, everything is "gonna be alright."

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