Cake Time

There's something magical about dessert in the morning. It's a bit sinful, but yet somehow your body adapts to the "it's the morning, and you'll have the whole day to work this off..." kind of conversation...Right? No? Just me? Well, regardless, I was having a grand old time enjoying Kulu Kulu Honolulu's 5th anniversary party. Thanks to Media Etc., I was given front row seats to the various tastings of Kulu Kulu's most popular menu items. The soft serve with coffee jelly—could there be anything perfect for the morning time? I'm not a fan of coffee but the creamy soft serve paired with the bittersweet coffee gelatinous goodness was the PERFECT combination for a warm October morning. Along with the Danish pastries from the petit pastry collection and the 20-layer crepe cake, I was to be feared and loathed by Marie Antoinette for a good hour and a couple minutes.

First opened five years ago at the old Shirokiya space by Macy's, Kulu Kulu began its journey with the hopes and dreams of becoming everyone's favorite bakery go-to spot for wedding cakes, birthdays, holidays or any special occasion. Five years later, Kulu Kulu has two other locations, one at Waikīkī's Eaton Square and another at the Royal Hawaiian Center's food court. In commemoration of their fifth anniversary, Kulu Kulu will be offering a $5 coupon for every purchase over $10 during the week of October 25 through October 31. The coupons will be valid for use during November 1 through December 18. Just in time for the holidays! Check out my yummy pics from the event:

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