By Kristen Nemoto Jay, 
Hawai'i-based freelance
writer and editor


Kristen Nemoto Jay, freelance writer and editor


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About Me

 I think my fascination with stripes began with my first sheet of fresh folder paper. The empty rows of thin turquoise-colored lines—followed by the encouragement of an enthusiastic grade school teacher—was like comfort food to my thoughts and crazy story ideas. Scared of my own shadow and terribly shy, I found writing to be my solace; my safe haven. Every fresh new sheet slated a promise for a new beginning and an end to a story, and played a significant learning tool for my life. From crumpled up doodles found in the bottom of my backpack to crumpled up scribbles within my purse, my words on paper has travelled along with me throughout my years as a student and, ultimately, a writer.

Though I’ve lived in various timezones—attended college in Southern California, spent a semester abroad in Italy, studied for grad school in Chicago—my adventure has brought me back to where my story first began: my home sweet home Hawai'i.

After working for nearly five years as an editor for Morris Visitor Publications' Where Hawai'i, I’ve decided to venture off into the deep end of the pool and try my hand at freelance writing. With a little play on words, and my love for stripes and writing, Write On Stripes LLC was born.


Whether you’re in need of a short write up for your website or a feature-length story for your non-profit organization, Write On Stripes will collaborate your thoughts and ideas into succinct, relevant and entertaining words on paper (or email). Scribbles included.

When I’m not writing you’ll find me practicing yoga, tutoring at my high school alma mater, shopping at Costco with my husband, or taking pictures of my food.